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Benefits of high-quality carpet and padding for residential remodels

While there is certainly a wide range of flooring options on the market today, there are none as soft, comforting, and luxurious as wall-to-wall. Carpet flooring has been one of the most sought-out installations for many decades. Paired with the carpet padding, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more soothing, smooth surfacing. If you’re not sure which type of flooring installation you should get, then read through the following positive points on what wall-to-wall has to offer.

Warmth –

Without a doubt, this soft surfacing is an ideal choice for rooms that require that extra touch of warmth and underfoot comfort. Bedrooms and living rooms, for instance, are spaces that can truly benefit from that added carpet padding, providing exquisite silky wall-to-wall softness.

Sound reduction –

Compared to various other flooring choices, there’s no doubt that homeowners will appreciate the sound dampening properties that wall-to-wall has to offer. From blocking sound between floors to absorbing ambient noise to reducing foot traffic noise, these characteristics are especially valued in larger households with many family members.

Improved air quality –

When correctly maintained and cleaned, carpet and carpet padding can greatly improve air quality by trapping airborne particles that cause allergies and breathing problems.

Less risk of falls and trips –

Quality padding can especially lower the risk of falls and trips, by keeping wall-to-wall firmly in place. Ultimately, it ensures a safe, secure home environment for those with mobility issues and a greater risk of tripping.

Appearance and feel –

Whether you’re installing it in one room or your whole house, carpeting looks and feels oh-so-soft to the touch. Add to that quality padding, and suddenly your room feels even more comforting and pleasing to the eye.
Luxury carpet in Dallas, TX from Flooring Direct

Decorating flexibility –

With so many colors and textures to choose from, wall-to-wall creates the main foundation of any space. Truly, with such flexible material, the design possibilities are limitless. From bold patterns to neutral tones to rich plush, use carpeting to mix and match with furniture and create the ultimate redesign.

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