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Beautify your home with engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a beautiful flooring option and very well sought-after. As a highly popular redesign material, it's a surfacing that comes with many advantages. Whether you're redoing your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, let's go over a few reasons why engineered hardwood floors would make an excellent choice for your upcoming renovations.

Real wood appearance

While some homeowners believe engineered hardwood is a simulation of authentic solid wood, the fact is it's the real deal! The installation is comprised of genuine wood, as the superficial layer is indeed real hardwood. Therefore, you can easily get whichever type of hardwood you'd like for your home, in the engineered option.

High durability

Engineered planks are manufactured uniquely. Comprised of several plywood layers bonded together, these many layers are affixed to a superficial layer of genuine solid wood. This specific composition creates very strong planks that can withstand heavy traffic.

Ability to re-sand and refinish

Much like solid planks, engineered floors can be re-sanded and refinished. However, this does indeed depend on the thickness of the top layer. Nonetheless, this means you will have a long lifespan with this installation. Redoing your planks not only allows you to fix mild damage or staining but also update them if they're looking a bit dull.

Wide range of species, grades, and finishes

As does genuine solid wood, engineered planks come in a vast range of species, grades, and finishes. Colors and graining, as well, are widely available. All this means you can find the perfect installation to suit your lifestyle, but also your preferences. Of course, with such a wide selection of choices, this also means you can find many options within your specific price point. No matter what look, color or size you want to find, you’ll easily have a range of choices for the picking.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Fort Worth, TX from Flooring Direct

Easy installation

One of the top reasons why both homeowners and installers love engineered planks is because they are extremely easy to install. Instead of waiting days or even weeks for your space to be move-in ready, your room will be set after just a few mere hours.

Find the best floors for your home

Visit our Flooring Direct showroom in Dallas, TX for the best floors for your home today! Serving the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, McKinney, and Grapevine, TX regions, our flooring experts will gladly help you narrow down which installation materials would most suit your lifestyle. With engineered planks starting at $5.98per square foot INSTALLED, you’re in excellent hands with our showroom professionals.