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Redefine your flooring with ultra-durable, stylish laminate flooring

When it comes down to cost, quality, and appearance, laminate flooring does seem like an unbeatable option. A durable, stylish installation that offers a wide range of excellent benefits, you can stretch your decorating dollar without settling for less with this low maintenance, easy to clean flooring. Still unconvinced? Worried it’s not right for your redesign? Then take a few minutes to go over the following advantages and see for yourself why homeowners are renaming laminate floors their new favorite floors.

Extremely durable –

With a tough, impact-resistant superficial wear layer –which is nearly impenetrable due to its resin coating –laminate flooring is not only durable but also scratch-resistant. Longer lasting than many other options on the market, it’s perhaps best known for its impressive resistance in homes with pets, kids, and high traffic.

Stain and moisture resistant –

If extensive protection against fading, moisture, and stains doesn’t impress you, then maybe its 25+ warranty will! Rest assured that when it comes to this installation, laminate floors will withstand whatever you throw at it –even dropped toys, running pets, and high heels.

Easy to clean and maintain –

Don’t let cleaning and upkeep dictate your life, where you’re constantly having to scrub, sweep, and mop. Luckily, laminate doesn’t require special cleaning methods, as its moisture-resistant surfacing and superior stain protection allows for easy clean-up. Plus, varnishing and waxing are not required.
Modern laminate flooring in Denton, TX from Flooring Direct

Economical –

In general, laminate flooring is less pricy than some other hard surfacing alternatives. Considering its longevity and durability, this can be particularly attractive when you’re trying to stick to a budget.

A variety of styles –

In terms of style, this is where laminate truly shines. As it is manufactured in a great range of design options, including many lookalike styles, professionals in the business call this installation truly limitless. Manufactured in a vast assortment of imitation materials, such as hardwood, ceramic, and even stone, to name but a few, you have essentially assured any look of installation you want –but at a fraction of the cost. Add to that the ease of installation, and you’re no doubt understanding why laminate is very much sought-after.

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With laminate flooring starting as low as $3.98/sq. ft. INSTALLED, our pricing just can’t be beat! Serving the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, McKinney, and Grapevine, TX, our on-site experts will happily help you find the best floors for your next home makeover project.