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SPC flooring –Stone plastic composite floors, specially designed for high durability

With SPC vinyl flooring, you can be assured of a highly durable installation that's also incredibly stylish and luxurious. Surrounded by a hard-wearing limestone core, specially engineered luxury vinyl offers a 100% waterproof flooring option that’s dent-resistant and very stable. If you’re not sure that SPC vinyl flooring would suit your upcoming redesign, then read on to find out more about how you can benefit from this trendy, long-lasting installation.

Waterproof –

By and large, SPC floors are best known for their waterproof qualities. Completely impervious to water and other liquids, these floors are truly ideal in areas that require extra protection against humidity and water, such as laundry rooms, kitchens, powder rooms, and bathrooms.

Stable against temperature fluctuations –

When temperature fluctuations are a concern, the SPC flooring construct won’t let you down. Its stable, solid core can withstand frequent temperature and humidity changes, in climates that experience frequent weather shifts.

Stylish appearance –

Since it has such a vast array of stylish designs, including various styles, looks, and textures, it may be hard to believe these floors aren’t made of vinyl! Nonetheless, you’re likely to have a difficult time narrowing down your favorites to just one option, as this installation is truly attractive.

Easy installation –

Thanks to its click-lock mechanism, installation is super simple. Similar to the methods used to install vinyl flooring, SPC uses a tongue and groove installation technique. Of course, it’s always best to have your floors professionally installed by industry experts for a high-quality appearance.

Comfort –

Due to its thick core and plank density, your floors will feel impressively cushioned while also sturdy. As you can imagine, the thicker the model of the plank, the more comfortable your installation will be. Additionally, you can choose to have additional underlayment installed –should your preferred planks not come with any or enough –for extra underfoot softness.

Sound reduction –

With its denser core, you’ll appreciate the sound reduction these planks offer. When walking throughout your home, you won’t get that hallow sound that some other installations often have.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Fort Worth, TX from Flooring Direct

Easy cleaning and maintenance

In terms of maintenance, these floors will not need special upkeep methods or products. As with vinyl planks, cleaning is the same and requires daily sweeping and basic, occasional damp mopping.

Get your new floors at Flooring Direct

Visit our Flooring Direct showrooms in Dallas, TX to find your new floors! Offering a wide selection of the latest styles and newest surfacing options, and with SPC flooring prices starting at $3.99/sq. ft. INSTALLED, you’re sure to walk away with the perfect installation for your redesign project. Serving the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, McKinney, and Grapevine, TX, our on-site experts will happily help you find the most ideal flooring choice.