Flooring Is A Big Part Of Bedroom Renovation

Carpe diem, and who dares wins! This is it. This is your chance to make a huge difference to the most important room in your house – your bedroom. Renovating your kitchen is what many realtors will talk about when it comes to the percentage of return on your investment you’ll get when you sell your home.

Blah, blah, blah. Of course, they are correct, but the biggest difference you will make to your health and your peace of mind is renovating your primary bedroom. It is your Sanctum Sanctorum. It is your place to recharge, reconnect and rejuvenate. It is the place where you sleep and refresh.



Flooring Is A Big Part of Bedroom Renovation


Why is flooring so important?


Go back thousands of years and see how important flooring was to the Greeks and the Romans. The ruins in Pompeii and Ephesus feature spectacular mosaics on the floors of private homes. Sweeping landscapes, epic legends, and moments in history are depicted in great detail and splendor.

The Persians created the most spectacular handwoven works of art to adorn their floors. Back then, people understood the impression a floor can make. If you’re renovating your master bedroom, you have an excellent opportunity to create your own atmosphere.



Your floor is your canvas.


Your floor can make a statement. It can pull a room together. It can create different zones of attention. And it can literally and figuratively give you the look and feel you’re after.

The textures, the variety of colors, the designs, and the materials you can use are almost endless. You can even create a heated floor to provide even warmth throughout the room.




“Oops, I forgot about the floor.”


It happens. Many get so focused on the color scheme they want for an accent wall or the window treatments or the furniture flooring is left as an afterthought. How sad. Please don’t forget about the floor.

Talk to any bonafide interior designer, and they’ll tell you selecting the right flooring is the foundation of a great bedroom design.



How to hire an interior designer


First of all, are you sure you really need one? Have you done your research? Have you spent some time online looking for floor design ideas? Have you spoken to a flooring specialist? Big box stores don’t count.

You can get much more from a qualified flooring expert at a retail outlet where all they do is flooring. Google floor design ideas. Expand your horizons of what’s out there and how many smart and beautiful options you have.



Bedroom remodels walk-in closets, and ensuite bathrooms.




Take a holistic approach to your primary bedroom. Can you visually connect the walk-in closet and the master bathroom? The time to consider this is right at the very beginning. Don’t automatically assume that the type of flooring must vary by room use.

Having a floor that’s water-resistant and easy to clean doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use floor tiles. Today’s flooring technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Even many engineered hardwood floors are water-resistant and impervious to household spills. The old rules just don’t apply anymore.



An overview of bedroom flooring options


Classic hardwood flooring planks – This option is tried and true. The most common choices are red oak and white oak. Planks come in varying lengths and widths. As far as thickness, they are most often ¾ of an inch, and they are most often nailed to a plywood or composite subfloor.


Exotic hardwoods – Depending on where you live, different species of wood are considered exotic. Generally speaking, they range from cherry, walnut, and hickory to more rare species like Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Tigerwood, Kempas, Mahogany, Acacia, and Ipe. Each one has its pros and cons. A flooring expert can match your needs and preferences to the exotic hardwood you like.


Engineered wood floors – This is one category where science and technology have added tremendous levels of durability and versatility. High-quality brands of engineered wood floors provide scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant floors that can last decades in your primary bedroom.


Broadloom and carpet – Two names, different sizes. Broadloom typically spans the whole room, wall to wall. Carpet does the same, but sometimes it includes a finished border. Regardless, both are excellent choices, and today the variety of designs, colors, textures, and textiles is wide.

Warmth underfoot is always a big plus with this choice. Some clever designers even mix and match to create separate zones that emphasize different furniture within the same room.




Laminate flooring – As with engineered hardwood floors, laminate flooring has benefitted from significant advances in construction, finish, composition, and performance. Each one of them comes with extraordinary finishes that stand up to the most rigorous demands of day-to-day living.



Natural stone – Even if you live in Alaska, you can have the warmth of marble in your bedroom. Heated floors are becoming common all over the country. There’s no better feeling than when you wake up on a chilly day and your first foot on the floor in the morning is a warm, natural stone floor.

The Romans had heated natural stone floors. Why can’t you? New construction methods and new materials are making it accessible to almost everyone. You may invest a little more for the installation of marble or travertine, but it pays off every time you look at and admire your new floor.



Update and upgrade your bedroom


If you have the chance to remodel your bedroom, do your research and then talk to a flooring expert. Expand your horizons and review an almost endless variety of choices available to you. The floor you choose will last a long time. Take this opportunity to make a lasting impression.


Dan Ratcliff

Dan Ratcliff is the CEO and President of Flooring Direct in Dallas / Fort Worth. Over the last two decades, he has grown Flooring Direct into a premier Shop-at-Home traditional & hardwood flooring company. With a true dedication to customer service and integrity, Flooring Direct has become DFW's largest highest-rated Dallas-local flooring dealer. Dan has lived in Dallas all of his life and was raised in Dallas with family roots and love for the community and local sports. It's with that sense of family that Flooring Direct has contributed to and sponsored children's organizations like Jonathan's Place and scholastic athletics like Plano's Girls Soccer.