Three Top Trends From Flooring Direct

Montage of Vinyl, Carpet, Hardwood. Flooring and installation | Flooring Direct

Here at Flooring Direct we keep our eye on the trends of flooring, design and installation. Here are three flooring types from the top of the hot-list in Flooring in 2023! Vinyl flooring: Vinyl is in high demand due to its durability, affordability, and versatility. Luxury vinyl plank is a popular choice among homeowners for…

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Why Hardwood Floors Are Ideal For High End Retail Stores

Retail Stores | Flooring Direct

In high-end retail, the items for sale in your store are only a tiny part of what you’re offering your customers. Every time someone walks into your store, you want them to feel impressed with their surroundings. The quality of materials, the level of design, the colors, the textures, and everything a customer sees, feels,…

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Flooring Is A Big Part Of Bedroom Renovation

Flooring Is A Big Part of Bedroom Renovation | Flooring Direct

Carpe diem, and who dares wins! This is it. This is your chance to make a huge difference to the most important room in your house – your bedroom. Renovating your kitchen is what many realtors will talk about when it comes to the percentage of return on your investment you’ll get when you sell…

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What Are the Best Flooring Options?

Couple choosing floor | Flooring Direct

Great. You’re starting with the right question. It’s time to choose your flooring and we’re glad you’re doing a bit of research. Flooring can be one of the most challenging and important choices you can make when it comes to your home. So, what are the best flooring options for you? There are many options…

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