How To Protect Your Floors From Your Furniture

Protect Your Floors From Your Furniture | Flooring Direct

  Sometimes all it takes is dragging a heavy chair, a table, or even pulling out a refrigerator to clean behind it, and voila – you’ve added a heartbreaking scratch to your beautiful floor. And the worst part is every time you walk by it; it will remind you of what happened. Repairing or replacing…

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The Best Bedroom Flooring for Peaceful Living

Master bedroom interior | Flooring Direct

Perhaps there is no such thing as truly peaceful living, but you can find the perfect flooring to make your bedroom your own sanctuary! There are literally thousands of options for your bedroom floor. The key is to identify a list of what you like and then whittle it down to a few recommendations based…

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Time For Durability: Flooring Your Home’s Entryway

Entryway | Flooring Direct

  Every entry in your home needs a durable floor. The great news is you can make each entryway a stunning first impression of your home too. Any job worth doing is worth doing right. If you’re thinking of replacing the floor in your entryways, why not take the opportunity to make the best choice…

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