Get The Farmhouse Look With These Beautiful Flooring Options


Just for a moment, imagine you’ve won a gigantic lottery, and you can build your dream home. What’s it going to be like? Will it be high-tech and ultra-modern or warm and welcoming? Will it impress your guests with how you’ve curated everything to be on point, or will it make them feel comfortable and loved, like they’re surrounded by family and the familiar? When you open the front door, will it be like you’ve stepped into the future or you’ve walked into what could be a fairy tale story home?  Both are great, but if you live in Texas, we might have a clue about what you’re looking for.

Farmhouse Style Meets Contemporary Design

With today’s approach to country, you can have the best of warm, traditional textures and colors mixed with modern design features. The contrast and combination can be stunningly beautiful.




More and more people are enjoying the best of both worlds in their homes, and of course, Texas is leading the way. That’s because, in Texas, we value our independence, and a lot of us have a special place in our hearts for the pioneering spirit, no matter where we’re from. It’s this same trailblazing spirit that inspires people to make their own kind of country influence in their homes.

Affordable, Low-Budget Farmhouse Floor Plans

It won’t take a lottery win to build the home of your dreams, and it’s even less to replace your floors. Yes, solid hardwood floors cost more but engineered wood flooring is surprisingly inexpensive. In fact, depending on how large the floor area is and how handy you are, you can save a ton of money with laminate flooring that looks authentic.

What Makes Up a Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse-look home plans usually include a big, wraparound porch where you can sit warm and dry while you watch a beautiful summer rain. Large windows that let in plenty of light, and the warm glow of hardwood floors. Rustic furniture and family heirlooms help create a southern style. Sliding barn doors and organic shades drawn from nature add a touch of country warmth.




Here are some other popular country touches:

Rough-Sawn Texture – Until just recently, the only place you could see rough-sawn wood was at your local lumber yard or on the side of an old barn. Today, this unique look is available in everything from the most expensive, solid hardwood floors to very affordable luxury vinyl plank flooring. Interestingly, many decades ago, the only homeowners who would even think of using rough-sawn or rough-hewn wood in their homes did it because they couldn’t afford anything else. Today, you can expect to pay a little more for what used to cost less.

High-Contrast Color Variation – A few years ago, only the bravest designers started salvaging old, worn, and weathered boards, complete with rusty nail holes and faded stain. They used these reclaimed boards of various sizes and shades to create accent walls in high-style, contemporary environments. Fast forward to today, and a similar approach has made its way to the most popular trend in flooring.

Impeccably Dressed With the Distressed Look – It used to be that only homeowners who allowed a house full of teenagers and farm animals to trample across their floors were left with the kind of distressed look that’s so popular today. These people would be shocked to find out that today, so many of us pay a little extra for the privilege. The difference is that today, a distressed look floor can be a tremendous complement to a smooth-textured contemporary design.

Rustic Floor TilesHand-made terra cotta tiles have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. These often not-quite perfectly shapen tiles were made from natural dark red clay and laid out to dry in the hot sun. So of the most beautiful kitchen renovations, pair these ancient, one-of-a-kind tiles with the most sophisticated, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and the look is stunning.

Traditional Look and Modern High Performance




Many of the traditional-looking flooring choices are made with high-tech materials that deliver outstanding wear and water resistance.

Ceramic Long Format Tiles – Once installed, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from a real, solid hardwood floor without getting down on your knees and looking very closely and the joints. Both in texture and color, this type of ceramic tile is practically indistinguishable from natural wood – and its ability to stand up to wear and tear is legendary.

Luxury Vinyl Plank – You really owe it to yourself to see just how advanced these floors have become. The feel and the look are like nothing that could have been imagined just a decade or two ago. One of the best parts about them is that many experienced DIYers find joy and some savings in installing a luxury vinyl plank floor themselves.

Linoleum – Long Live Linoleum – Linoleum flooring is back, and it makes more sense than ever. Although it’s probably best left to the experts to install, you can find both traditional and contemporary designs and colors today. Linoleum is even one of the least harmful to the environment options out there because it’s so easy to recycle.

Solid Hardwood Floor with High Tech Coatings – White oak is still one of the most popular choices in solid wood floors, and today there are some beautiful exotic wood species that would have been very difficult to source just a few years ago. The coatings used as a final protective layer on top of your finished wood flooring are now tougher than ever thought possible.  These coatings also come in a variety of sheen levels.

The Easiest Way to Find Your New Floor

Some trusted experts offer shop-at-home service. No more wandering through warehouse aisles with no one there to answer your questions. You get to see and touch the actual floor you’re thinking about in the actual area of your home where it will be.  There’s no guesswork involved, and you’ll get every single question answered.


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