Kitchen Floors: What’s In For 2022


Flooring is a big part of a kitchen renovation, and for 2022 there are some gorgeous flooring options. Not only will new kitchen floors add to the beauty of your interior design, but it will also significantly contribute to the resale value of your home.


It’s all about your kitchen

There’s a reason why research shows how a kitchen renovation is a great investment for a house. A kitchen is a place where everyone likes to hang out, and it’s been described as the heart of a home.




When planning a kitchen remodel or renovation

  1. Take into account your neighborhood: What style of home is popular where you live? What sort of kitchen design is trending? One option is to ask a real estate agent what people in the neighborhood have done to their kitchens.
  2. Start with the floor: Naturally, most people start thinking about cabinets and countertops or a kitchen island. Then, when they’re all done, they wish they had a new floor. Don’t make the same mistake.
  3. Be picky about picking your materials: There are so many choices for kitchens because of all the different surface areas involved. For example, there might be stainless steel for the appliances, subway tile or some other tile backsplash, hardwood floors that match the custom cabinets, and finally, walls, ceilings, and lighting fixtures to choose and juggle.
  4. Is energy efficiency a priority? If it is, you might want to consider under-floor heating, LED lighting, and perhaps, an under-the-cabinet water heater. In the long run, choices like this will save money.



Beware of the “I’ve got a plan” pitfall

There’s a reason why the old saying, “twice the money and three times the time,” can haunt a home renovation. “Not me,” you say? Of course, you have a plan – but is it good enough? Did you consider any plumbing that might be necessary?

What about re-positioning electrical outlets? Maybe you just need more of them. We definitely use more gadgets now than ever before. Wouldn’t it be great to clear the clutter of phone chargers?

What about under cabinet lighting? Do you replace the kitchen cabinets before you address the plumbing? Or is it the other way around?


Ask the experts about kitchen floors




Do you know any trusted contractors? What about asking your neighbors? If you’ve seen a kitchen renovation you like, find out who did it and ask them for an estimate.

If you’re planning to have someone do the work for you, please ask for references, and interview them. This can be one of the most important parts of the whole project, so do your homework.


If you are an avid DIYer, make sure you consult an expert at a local retailer. They can be an excellent source of knowledge and hard-won lessons. Don’t limit yourself to only the choices you’ve used in the past.




Gorgeous looks and great performance

Yes, you can indeed get both when it comes to flooring materials. Kitchens are considered high-traffic areas, and as such, the floor must be tough enough to stand up to all the spills and accidents that are part of everyday life.


An overview of flooring materials

Ceramic tile floors and porcelain floors: Both of these are excellent choices for your kitchen. They are tough and durable, and they last practically a lifetime. On the other hand, these floors can be expensive to buy and install.

Subfloor preparation is very important and can add a high cost to the entire process. Whichever you choose, be sure to seal the grout lines and plan to clean the grout at regular intervals.


LVT and LVP (Luxury Vinyl Tile/ Luxury Vinyl Planks): There has been a virtual revolution in the vinyl floor market. Significant advances in technology and construction have produced a completely new level of performance and aesthetics in vinyl floors. Chances are you have already admired LVT or LVP flooring and thought it was ceramic tile or actual hardwood. If it’s been a couple of years since you’ve reviewed what’s available in this area, it really is worth your while to check it out.


Natural stone: This is a traditional favorite for kitchens depending on where you live. The variety of natural stone colors may not be as wide as other materials, but it makes up for its texture. Keep in mind the preparation of the subfloor is crucial to the finished product.


Hardwood floors:  Yes, today’s hardwood floors are water-resistant and suitable for your kitchen. Whether you prefer solid hardwood planks or engineered hardwood flooring, both will meet your needs. Solid hardwood floors are typically finished on-site, whereas engineered hardwood is factory finished with multiple layers of high-tech coatings.

Installation for engineered hardwood is usually quicker and less expensive than for solid hardwood. If the level of the floor in the kitchen must match other areas, keep in mind that engineered flooring is usually thinner than solid hardwood.




Laminate flooring: Here, too, there have been many advances made. Not only are these floors water-resistant, but they are also perfect for high-traffic areas like your kitchen. You’ll find that choices in this category are also less costly than just about every other option.


To DIY or not to DIY

An entire kitchen remodel, or renovation can be a significant investment of time, money, and peace of mind. Even if you’re an experienced DIYer, please consult with experts as part of the planning and construction process.

If you’re determined to do some of the work yourself, be sure to limit the scope and double-check with the contractor who you will hire. Please remember, starting it yourself and having to stop to hire a contractor part way through can be a lot more money and time than simply letting the contractor do the job, to begin with.



Dan Ratcliff

Dan Ratcliff is the CEO and President of Flooring Direct in Dallas / Fort Worth. Over the last two decades, he has grown Flooring Direct into a premier Shop-at-Home traditional & hardwood flooring company. With a true dedication to customer service and integrity, Flooring Direct has become DFW's largest highest-rated Dallas-local flooring dealer. Dan has lived in Dallas all of his life and was raised in Dallas with family roots and love for the community and local sports. It's with that sense of family that Flooring Direct has contributed to and sponsored children's organizations like Jonathan's Place and scholastic athletics like Plano's Girls Soccer.