The Best Flooring Styles For 2022

When you pick a quality floor, it can last a very long time. That’s why it’s important to be sure you’re choosing from among the best flooring styles. The worst thing to do is spend all that time, money, and inconvenience to put in a new floor and then find out it’s gone way out of style already. If you’re flipping your house or remodeling, staying abreast of the latest flooring styles is worth your time.



Buyer beware


People shopping for a home can get very picky. Most of them don’t want to remodel as soon as they move in. If the interior of the home you have up for sale looks out of date, prospective new buyers might move on to something more contemporary.

Being passed over because your floor isn’t up to snuff is bad news. Luckily, the good news is you can avoid all of this fuss and embarrassment by staying up to date with the latest trends when you choose your new flooring.



Get the right look




Smooth flooring is classic, which in some circles means “old-fashioned.” It never goes out of style, but it’s never really in style. Today it’s all about textures. Defects, imperfections, and variations that create a “rustic” character for your floors.

“Distressed” designs feature wire-brushed marks, hand scraping, irregular knots, and discolorations. A few years ago, these features would all be rejected and deemed unacceptable quality. This may sound very sensible, but it’s all very popular flooring these days.



Green living


Going green is now making an impact on interior design. Popular flooring choices include renewable resources like bamboo flooring and natural cork. Other natural materials and engineered wood flooring are also sustainable. Although this may not be at the top of your list of priorities, many people feel good about buying a home with green living in mind.



Vinyl flooring is high tech


New construction methods, new materials, and new finishes are a result of a technological revolution in vinyl flooring. Some vinyl flooring is so advanced in mimicking materials like natural stone, floor tile, porcelain tile, hardwood flooring, concrete, and more, that you can hardly tell the difference. In fact, you might have to get down on your hands and knees to closely examine one of these floors to see it for yourself. Not only are the new designs eye-popping, but they are also extremely durable as well.



The new leader in popularity


The fastest-growing segment of the flooring market is vinyl. Vinyl plank flooring comes in a wide variety of sizes and plank widths. These can be arranged to suit any style.

There are also different methods to install these floors. Everything from peel and stick do it yourself to interlock floating floors installed by a professional.




Quick reference guide to vinyl flooring


LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank

This flooring has an extra thick wear layer for decades of performance. Many high traffic and heavy traffic commercial areas use this because it lasts so long.


LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile

This type of vinyl is closely related to LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank. Both have extra thick wear layers that are extremely durable. LVT is designed and constructed to look like natural stone, ceramic tile or porcelain tile, but without any of the installation headaches.


WPC Wood Polymer Composite

Somehow scientists have figured out a way to combine the best parts of wood and polymer to create outstanding performance in flooring. As a result, this type of flooring is 100% waterproof. This type of flooring has the look of real wood grain but with tougher performance characteristics.


SPC Stone Polymer Composite

Like the WPC flooring, new technology makes it possible to combine the rigidity and strength of stone into a long-lasting polymer floor. Here too, this choice is 100% waterproof flooring.


Laminate flooring

This type of flooring has been around for a long time, but you probably won’t recognize it. Its durability, waterproof properties, and wear layer are a vast improvement over the laminate available years ago. It’s also easy to install laminate flooring. Many are designed to deliver wood look floors in a variety of different colors and grain patterns. It even mimics the popular look of reclaimed wood.




Color me poplar


The strongest and longest-lasting trend in color is grey and the hundreds of shades available. Whether you prefer something on the cooler end of grey or the warmer end, it’s still part of the most popular color treatment.

People use it as a neutral palette onto which they add accents of color in the form of unique pieces of furniture or fabrics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different greys. It’s a sure bet from a design and decoration point of view.



Gold Rush


Gold and blond are coming back strong. This warm color treatment for your floors is an old favorite, and all indicators point to it regaining its vaunted place in our color preference for flooring.



I’ll take an espresso, please


Dark, rich, and bold are the three key characteristics of deep browns. Some consider it “old fashioned,” but this elegance is on the rise and spreading across the country.



Let’s go to the beach


The sun-bleached and whitewashed look never went away, and a lot of people find it welcoming and relaxing. It’s a popular choice in flooring, especially for those who enjoy the same look in furniture.



The top flooring choices today are an excellent way to make a dramatic improvement to the look and feel of your home, whether you’re doing a remodel or planning to flip it. Ultimately your style is your own. Take your time to look around and be confident about your choice. With Flooring Direct, you can even schedule an appointment to shop at home, and see how your new flooring options would look under your own roof.


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