The Right Flooring Will Protect Your House From Your Dog


Dogs are absolutely amazing, and the more we find out about them, the more it proves they are our best friends. In fact, many experts believe dogs have been an important part of our development for tens of thousands of years. In other words, we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our close relationship with dogs.


There’s just one problem

Dogs have nails, and the happier and more active your dog, the more their claws can scratch your floors. When they’re puppies, a little scratching here and there can be cute. But if your dog weighs a little bit more than a puppy, their nails can carve into your beautiful floors until they’re not very beautiful at all. Of course, you could always try to keep their nails trimmed, but it can get a little crazy. So how can flooring protect your house from your dog?


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What is your dog trying to tell you about your floors

Just like people, some dogs are too chatty, and some prefer body language instead. Regardless, they all communicate how they feel. If your dog could talk, what would it say to you? Would your dog say something like this, “I love running in our home, and I don’t want to scratch our floors, so please – SQUIRREL!” Oh, well, I guess you’re going to have to do your own research.



How to choose your dog proof floor

Well, for starters, there’s no such thing as 100% dog proof. Even concrete floors will show wear and tear if you have big, energetic furry friends who are prone to big, messy accidents. The good news is today, and there are many types of floors with great options for you as a pet owner.




Here are some features to look for



Life’s little accidents are easy to clean up if your floors are water-resistant and waterproof. Muddy paws and a knocked-over water bowl aren’t much trouble if you’ve made a good choice. Even wood floors are suitable flooring for dogs as long as the floor is properly sealed and protected with a quality finish that resists water.



Tile flooring is one of the most scratch-resistant floorings available. Today, porcelain and ceramic tile are available in long planks, just like wood flooring. These floors perfectly match a wood floor in grain patterns, colors, and textures. Unless you’re going to get down on your hands and knees to examine them up close, they are almost impossible to tell apart from real wood flooring.




Where is your floor on the Janka hardness scale

If you prefer natural wood floors, you might want to check out how your favorite wood species compares to others in terms of hardness and resistance to dents. The Janka Hardness Scale was developed to test the hardness of wood species. It works by measuring the force required to push a steel ball bearing into the surface of a wood plank.

Although the ball bearing is quite different than your dog’s nails, this information can be related to the pressure exerted on the surface of a wood floor by your pet. Here are the numbers on just a few of the most popular wood flooring choices.


Alder 590 — Alder is classified as hardwood by some manufacturers, but it is one of the softest woods you can choose.


Western Maple 850 – A popular choice in some regions, but it is still relatively soft.


Cherry 950 – Gorgeous color


Walnut 1010 – Walnut trees used to dominate in many parts of the country until a blight wiped out most of them. A darker and elegant choice


African Mahogany 1100 – A little difficult to find but well worth the search.


Acacia 1180 – Very distinctive color variance in every plank.


Red Oak 1220 – Popular choice in many regions


White Oak 1335 – Red oak and white oak are difficult to tell apart. A raw piece of red oak will absorb water much quicker than a raw piece of white oak.


Bamboo 1380 – Bamboo flooring comes in many configurations. Although it is quite hard, double-check its resistance to water and moisture.


Hard Maple 1450 – A species related to western maple but close to twice the hardness.


Ipe 3680 – This is considered one of the exotic hardwoods. Its durability both indoors and outdoors makes it a premium choice.




When wood can’t cut it

Homes with pets have other options. Technology has come a long way with laminate flooring and luxury vinyl plank flooring. New materials, new construction methods, and new installation methods have made this type of flooring very popular.

For example, in the past, vinyl flooring was floppy and bendable. It provided good water resistance, but it could look and feel cheap. Not anymore.

Higher quality vinyl flooring has been upgraded with a rigid core. This adds to the performance of the vinyl flooring in several ways. All of which will deliver a better and longer-lasting experience for you and your dogs.



Start on the ground floor

So much has changed in flooring over the last few years. Trying to choose the right floor for your home can become confusing no matter how much reading you do. Before you get too far, it’s always good to visit a quality flooring retailer so you can actually see and feel the floor you’re thinking about.

The experts there will also be able to answer any questions you might have. With so many high-tech advancements in flooring, it’s good to come prepared with questions about which flooring will best suit your pets.


Please take your time choosing your new floor. Remember, your flooring can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. It’s one of the most important investments you can make. Choose the one that meets your needs and makes you happy.

Whether you plan on keeping your home for a long time or you intend to move in the near future, the right floor will make an excellent impression.




Dan Ratcliff

Dan Ratcliff is the CEO and President of Flooring Direct in Dallas / Fort Worth. Over the last two decades, he has grown Flooring Direct into a premier Shop-at-Home traditional & hardwood flooring company. With a true dedication to customer service and integrity, Flooring Direct has become DFW's largest highest-rated Dallas-local flooring dealer. Dan has lived in Dallas all of his life and was raised in Dallas with family roots and love for the community and local sports. It's with that sense of family that Flooring Direct has contributed to and sponsored children's organizations like Jonathan's Place and scholastic athletics like Plano's Girls Soccer.