The Best Bedroom Flooring for Peaceful Living

Perhaps there is no such thing as truly peaceful living, but you can find the perfect flooring to make your bedroom your own sanctuary! There are literally thousands of options for your bedroom floor. The key is to identify a list of what you like and then whittle it down to a few recommendations based on your budget.



Where Most Of Us Mess Up When It Comes To Bedroom Flooring

Waiting too long  Some people delay because they believe “no one sees our bedroom, so why spend the money?” Well, if it’s between spending the money on food and water or spending it on your bedroom, this might be justified. For anything else, it’s time for some home sweet home improvement.

About one-third of our life is spent in the bedroom, isn’t this reason enough to make it special? Every year we find out more about how important sleep is to our physical and mental health. Isn’t it time to make where you sleep just as important?


Rushing through it – The right flooring can make the most amazing difference in your home. Take your time to find out what you like and what works best for you. The more research you do, the better the result and the less money you’ll spend.


Not factoring in where you live – The particular climate where you live can significantly affect the kind of flooring you choose. For example, if where you live is uncomfortably hot, there’s nothing better than walking on cool-to-the-touch porcelain tile flooring.

Bare feet on the same tile flooring in a cold climate can be jolting. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what that’s like in the middle of the night when your poor feet hit the floor on the way to the bathroom. Learn more about why bedroom tile feels colder than bedroom carpet here.


How Claiming “Sanctuary” Can Save You

Even Quasimodo, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” was able to escape the mob and save himself by crying out, “Sanctuary!” Imagine you could do the same by declaring your bedroom a sanctuary from all the medieval stress of today’s life. And it all starts with picking the right floor for the most important personal space in your home, the bedroom. The more you invest in your bedroom today, the more peaceful living you will enjoy tomorrow.




It’s All About Balance And Feng Shui

Let’s say your bedmate wants quick and easy laminate flooring in your bedroom, and you’d rather have warm and lush wall-to-wall carpeting. What do you do? Or, what happens if one of you insists on eco-friendly cork and the other insists on bold and rich colors and textures?

Area rugs are here to save the day. With area rugs, you can balance complete opposites on the floor and still benefit from the ancient principles of Feng Shui.


The One Time You Don’t Have To Worry About Wear And Tear

Unless you’re regularly chasing each other around the bed, you don’t really have to worry about foot traffic in your bedroom. This fact alone opens up many options you would never allow yourself in any other room of your home.

You may find the luxury of silks and wools. Or perhaps you’d prefer carpet pile so tall your toes will get lost in. And even the most exotic, natural stone is a possibility in your bedroom.

It’s all up to your own personal taste. After all, it’s your bedroom; live a little!




The Pros And Cons Of Color

Remember how some say, “no one ever sees our bedroom?” Well, here’s your chance to take advantage. Please don’t let color scare you when it comes to your bedroom flooring. The only real con to color occurs when you don’t allow yourself to explore and experiment in your bedroom (flooring.)

That said, there are some tips and guidelines you can follow when it comes to the psychology of color. You can learn more about color psychology here. Then say goodbye to muted tones (unless you’re into that sort of thing.)

The Tried And True Path

If you feel more comfortable staying in your lane, then here are some guidelines to consider when you choose the flooring for your bedroom:

  1. Keep Cleaning In Mind —   Smooth flooring is much easier to clean than a long shag carpet. In fact, many people who have hardwood don’t even need an expensive vacuum. It’s much quicker to sweep the floor with a horsehair broom.
  2. How Long Will It Last?– If your priority is one and done, then investigate porcelain tile and other hard surfaces. Most of them will be impervious to water and stains, and not many surfaces can outlast them when it comes to the wear and tear of foot traffic.
  3. Keep The Color Neutral –You know the drill here. Popular shades are preferable to vivid tones when it comes to resale value. Don’t be shocked if someone buying your home doesn’t like your wild taste in color.
  4. To DIY Or Not To DIY –– Sweat equity and do-it-yourself have never been more popular. Don’t kid yourself. Installing wall-to-wall carpeting and other types of flooring is much more difficult than it looks. Put your effort into finding a professional installer instead.



Start With Flooring Direct

It’s important to find a local retail outlet with flooring experts. Big box stores are not much help. The experts at Flooring Direct will help you pick the flooring for your bedroom that works best for you.

We can answer just about any question you ask, and we know the different flooring that works best in the climate of the surrounding areas. You can even start the process online when you visit our website and schedule your free estimate!







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