Carpet and Installation in Mansfield Texas

Installing new carpet can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your home, and the process can be made even smoother with a little bit of preparation. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the steps involved in a carpet installation project and share some before and after pictures of Flooring Direct’s recent new carpet and installation job in Mansfield, Texas.

Carpet Installation Before Family Room

Before Carpet Installation Family Room


Carpet Installation After Family Room

After Carpet Installation Family Room

When it comes to installing new carpet, preparation is key! Before any work can begin, the old carpet and padding must be removed, and the subfloor must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any damage. Flooring Direct’s installers haul away all removed carpet and padding so you don’t have a leftover mess to worry about.  Uneven and obviously damaged subfloor can be inspected by our Flooring Experts during the FREE Estimate and Sample Viewing Appointment. However, sometimes damaged subfloor is not revealed until old flooring is removed during demolition.  Ultimately, any damage that is revealed is repaired and the subfloor prepared by our installers after removal of the old flooring.  


Once the subfloor is ready, the new padding can be installed, followed by the carpet installation.


In the case of this DreamWeaver carpet Marvel in color Azure featured in these recent Before and After carpet installation job pictures, the results speak for themselves. These carpet installation before-and-after images show a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of the rooms. The old carpet has clearly seen better days, with stains and wear marks marring its appearance. The new carpet, on the other hand, is plush and soft underfoot, with a rich, warm color that brings the room to life.

New Carpet and Installation Before Living Room

Before Carpet and Installation Living Room


New Carpet and Installation After Living Room

After New Carpet and Installation Living Room

Of course, installing new carpet is not without its challenges. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made during the installation process is failing to properly prepare the subfloor. This can lead to uneven carpet, lumps, and bumps that can be both unsightly and uncomfortable to walk on. To avoid this issue, Flooring Direct’s installers take the time to thoroughly clean and inspect the subfloor before padding and carpet installation begins.

Another key factor to consider when installing new carpet is the installation method and adhesive used. It’s important to choose the right method and adhesive for the specific type of carpet being installed, as well as for the subfloor and the room itself. This will ensure that the carpet is properly secured and will not shift or buckle over time. And at Flooring Direct, our quoted price is comprehensive and includes the correct adhesives and materials for installation.  Unlike other dealers we don’t nickel and dime you to death with add-ons and materials.

New Carpet and Installation Before in Mansfield, TX

Before Carpet and Installation in Mansfield, TX


New Carpet and Installation After in Mansfield, TX

After New Carpet and Installation in Mansfield, TX

In addition to these considerations, it’s also important to work with experienced and conscientious flooring installers. Our installers are versed with the manufacturer’s requirements for warranty integrity and best practices. Flooring Direct also has an industry leading warranty on workmanship and installation.  This will provide you extra peace of mind knowing that Flooring Direct’s installation job is done right from the beginning.


And for those watching the budget, this job was approximately 220 yards at approximately $2.65 a square foot, Installed!  And with Flooring Direct’s available Financing, you can apply online for 0% interest through 2026 with approved credit and minimum monthly payment requirements.  You could have all new carpeting for a manageable monthly payment that’s about the same amount as a night-out’s dinner.

New Carpet and Installation Before by Flooring Direct

Before Carpet and Installation by Flooring Direct


New Carpet and Installation After by Flooring Direct

After New Carpet and Installation by Flooring Direct

Overall, a new carpet installation can be a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your home. By choosing Flooring Direct you know the time is being taken to properly prepare the subfloor, choose the right installation method and adhesive, and working with the best and most experienced installers in the industry.  You and your family will enjoy a beautiful and durable carpet that will provide comfort and style for years to come.  Click here to schedule your FREE Estimate appointment, where you’ll get to view the samples of the flooring you’re most interested in your home’s lighting next to your furniture – that’s true color matching.  Or call or text message (214) 390-0850.  We have appointment setters standing by at all times to set up your appointment.  We Bring the Store, to YOU!

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